Practice Tests vs. Assessments

What is the difference, anyway? Why would you choose an assessment over a practice test?
We built our foundation on Practice Tests - and with our focus on new technologies, we've incorporated some cutting-edge features that help our clients learn and become familiar with the exam environment. MeasureUp Assessments help you sell more business and save money by properly placing students, proving knowledge retention, and offering comparative and detailed reporting.


Practice Tests


Prepare the user for a specific project, task or function

Quickly appraise a user's knowledge or ability

Model the certification exam

Determine skill level before and after training

Display questions and answers

Do not display answers

Can display large banks of questions, users have choices

Limited in number of questions and users do not have choices

Feature test history and reporting

Feature test history, reporting and comparison tools

Can be combined to create multiple test types

Can be combined to create multiple test types

Typically prepare users for one skill or certification

Can be altered to assess more than one skill or trait



MeasureUp provides detailed reporting for our practice tests and assessments. Our reporting includes details such as

*  Complete record of all orders by user, date, time, product, etc.
*  Detailed user information such as name, email and company
*  In depth test history broken down by product, objective or question
*  Group reporting for all assessments by user, subject or summary

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