About Us

The vision

The purpose of Emerald Hub is to offer the best working environment in Cambodia for startups, innovative individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, by providing a platform to learn, share, create, work, connect and grow. To achieve this purpose, the 11th floor of PPIU is hosting Emerald Hub, a co-working space for the startup community.

What is  a co-working space?

Coworking is a style of work that involves sharing a work environment, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office environment, that coworking is usually not employed by the same organization.

Co-working is when more organizations share a working environment and they may not necessarily be of the same business type. Ultimately, co-working fosters a community of individual organizations with mutual respect for each other's' businesses.

Coworking is a growing concept in the Cambodia that is especially popular among freelance and startup businesses. There are already a number of coworking spaces across  Phnom Penh city and Siem Reap.

What is precisely Emerald HUB?

Emerald Hub is a coworking space, located in the central of Phnom Penh city, Cambodia.  It offers to students, freelancers, independent individuals, young startups, entrepreneurs, growing businesses, the opportunity to work in an innovative, energetic and collaborative workspace. Emerald HUB members can work on shared and dedicated desks, but also in private rooms all that complemented with high-speed Wi-Fi Internet and the relevant amenities to achieve their works.

You are most welcome to come over to have a look and to ask some questions around. The team will gladly receive you !