Startup Parties

As the startup community is growing fast in the capital, Smallworld and Emerald Hub are trying to gather everyone in one place once a month. In order to do so, every second Friday of the month a Startup Party is to take place.

A Startup Party is an informal meeting of like-minded people who are excited about building small business startup and a useful startup community.

If you got a business idea, and are looking for a partner to build a startup, if you want to raise investments, wish to get feedbacks from mentors, want to meet old friends and make new ones, this event is for you.

Each startup, entrepreneur, investor, student is invited to join. The purpose of the event is to share business ideas or ambitions and to create a startup community in the heart of Cambodia. Everyone will have the opportunity to stand in the light and to introduce themselves to the community.

Moreover a pitch session for the startups willing to present their business is also organised. A five minutes pitch followed by a few questions and the team is introduced and better known by the community.

If you are interested in pitching, please contact us directly, and we will discuss it further !

As a Startup Party is also a Party, we will also have fun with game, snacks, drinks, laugh, talks, networking. To learn more and be kept updated about our next events and the precise date of the Startup Party, you can follow the facebook page or go to the events page !

See you around !