Communi-Tea Time at Emerald HUB

On Thursday 19th January, as the Chinese New Year is coming in a few days, Emerald Hub team decided to organize a Tea Time for all the Emerald co-workers. More than just having a drink and tasting some delicious Chinese cakes, this event was about bringing the community together.


If some co-workers were busy and working in that day, it was a nice break for the others and they enjoyed this opportunity to meet their coworkers. This monthly event is a lovely way to generate a community and to have the co-workers knowing each other.


As a matter of fact at Emerald Hub, we are thinking that a working space should not be only about work but that it should also be about creating a supportive community. That is why every month, a community event will take place. The topic will adapt to the month and to the calendar.


Written by Morgane

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