HUBBER STORY/Hugo l’asticot

Arriving at work between 8.30 and 8.45 every morning, Hugo has his own habits. It has been more than one month since this French guy working for BookMeBus has started working at Emerald Hub.

Starting in the early morning when the Hub is still not crowded, he feels free to wake up slowly and to do his morning ritual as he likes it. After a brief ‘Sourdey’ and a friendly ‘Suksabuy’ to his colleagues, Hugo is checking his e-mails before going to smoke a cigaret.

Watching Phnom Penh to wake up from the 11th floor of PPIU building offers a nice and relaxing moment before beginning a busy day.

Every coworker has its own habits at the Hub and each one of them has a favorite place as well. Concerning Hugo, it is pretty useless to ask where his favorite place stands since you will always find him sitting in the same spot, in the middle of the Hub, on a high table. The reason about this preference of location is quite easy to understand, the co-workers working at this table are good friends. However, if you listen to him, this table is also a great spot to focus and to remain in movement while working.

If you want to surprise him by guessing which coffee he is drinking, try an Americano. He is always drinking the same coffee from the Café, meanwhile he is not going to stop complaining about the expensive price of it.

Even though for him some improvements can still  be done for the Hub and the community, this French guy likes the casual work style of Emerald Hub and the togetherness of the space.

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