Who Is Pitching On The Next Startup Party?

The next Startup Party will happen this Friday 10th February and you may want to know which startups are going to pitch at the event. Three startups confirmed their will to pitch yet.


The first speaker will be Kanitha Sao who is running Project T2T. This business focuses on the sell of second-hand products which are coming from Singapore. Facing a lot of challenges and trying to improve its branding, T2T will pitch this Friday and try to make you become consumers.


PlasticFreeCambodia will take over the pitch session. This young social enterprise will explain you all about the PlasticFree challenge and how trainings and raising awareness are helping to tackle the plastic issue in Cambodia.


The last speaker of the Startup Party will be Yourngchantreara Sao who is a book lover but also running Snadai Seavpove Khmer (SSK). This project aims at promoting the diversity of Khmer litterature through a website where a book catalog is available.


The topics are diversified for this edition of the Startup Party and you will be able to ask questions after the different pitches. Please come on the 10th February to hear more about the startups and meet with them.

To know more about the event, you can go on eventbrite or on facebook. See you there !

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