Techstars Startup Weekend Phnom Penh – Education Edition 2017

Emerald Hub co-working space has been hosted the Techstars Startup Weekend Phnom Penh 2017, the second edition in education startup with the aim of brainstorming and creating ideas to help students excel in education in Cambodia.

Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide experiential education for budding entrepreneurs.

Featuring anything from groups of developers, business people, startup enthusiasts and marketing gurus, attendees pitch ideas for new startup business, form teams around those ideas and work to develop a prototyping, demo and presentation by the end of the weekend.

Startup Weekend now has a global presence, having reached more than 135 countries and involving more than 210,000 entrepreneurs.

Participants in the Phnom Penh chapter were able to call on professional mentors such as Monirath Siv, the CEO and co-founder of Teach for Cambodia, Sophaline Mao, Partner Programmes (Asia Pacific) of Salesforce, Kagnarith Chea, co-founder of Edemy, and Vitin Seng, Campus Director of H&K International School.

The event kicked off on Friday with short pitches of ideas upon which teams were created based on suitable and feasible ideas.

The event culminated in creating prototypes for potential clients.

There are 8 teams has been formed during the weekend, they’re:

  1. My Readying Friends: A portal for book lovers and writers
  2. Y-Scholar: A web platform for scholarship information
  3. Happy Happen: A platform for school events, workshop and training
  4. Know2Grow: A testing and evaluation platform portal for students of Grade 10 to 12
  5. BookBank: A portal for renting and buying books online
  6. Alleduinfo: A one stop web portal for schools, universities and students where all information are stored and being made available.
  7. KeLib: Online and offline library and bookstore featuring Cambodian books
  8. TripRean: A web portal for outdoor education, experience based learning

The winners of this edition are: BookBank, Y-Scholar and TripRean.

Backed by telecom giant Smart Axiata, the weekend aimed to help young Cambodians gain the necessary skills, expertise and mentorship which all too many young startups in Cambodia struggle to attract.

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